Fat Cat Chronicles
to anybody w/ PS3 experience…….

So PS3 (first generation of SLIM PS3, the 120GB I think?) won’t read dual-layers discs anymore.

For some reason, when I put in a disc (like FFXIII or Killzone 3 or even Heavy Rain, which I haven’t gotten to play since I got the damn thing like half a year ago) other than earlier and/or non-dual layer blu-rays, it can’t read the disc.

The disc doesn’t show up in the “games” section where I can click on it to play it, etc.

The PS3 makes sounds like it’s trying to read it. There’s a faint "chk-chk-chk" noise that goes on, almost inaudibly, and then it makes a sound like it’s ejecting the disc. But the disc doesn’t come out or anything, it just makes the sound like it’s coming out.

I’m really upset at it, and I’m sick of not being able to play them.

I’m pretty sure the warranty has long gone by now. I got this in early 2010… :/

***The only weird thing is this:***

When I play a game that *does* work (mainly Medal of Honor or something) for more than like half an hour, then eject the disc and put in something like Killzone 3, that disc (Killzone 3) somehow works. I’m not sure what does it.

We’ve tried a blu-ray lens cleaning disc. It didn’t do anything. :(